Dementia awareness campaign launched

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The Department of Health, supported by the Alzheimer’s Society, recently launched an awareness campaign aimed at increasing early diagnosis rates for dementia across England by tackling the public’s fears of talking about the condition.  The ‘Day to Remember’ campaign gives advice to people on having have that first ‘difficult conversation’ with a friend or family member when they spot the signs of dementia, and encourage them to visit their doctor. 

Research released to coincide with the launch revealed that half of people (50 per cent) would find it difficult to talk about dementia to a friend or family member they thought might have it and that nearly two thirds (63 per cent) are unsure of the difference between the signs of dementia and the normal signs of ageing. 

With just 42 per cent of those living with dementia in England receiving a formal diagnosis, it is clear that thousands of people are without the medical, emotional and practical care they need to help them live well with dementia.  Many of these undiagnosed cases must be attributable to the reluctance on the part of family and friends to raise this difficult topic in the first place.  

There is no doubt that dementia is not an easy subject to raise but the earlier the diagnosis is made, the better for everyone concerned.  A timely diagnosis means that those affected can access the right treatment, help and support that they need. 

Further information on the campaign and tips on broaching the subject of dementia with a loved one can be found at

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