Drugs but no diagnosis

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A new report by the UK patient group The Alzheimer’s Society has revealed that six in every ten dementia sufferers remain undiagnosed.

This revelation sadly also diminishes the excitement of last week’s news; that Alzheimer’s sufferers can benefit from drugs longer than first thought. It was previously believed that anti-dementia drugs were effective only in the early stages, but work at King’s College London has shown medication to remain effective even in the severe stages.

However, the UK seems to be in the midst of an epidemic. Not of Alzheimer’s but, as The Daily Telegraph reports, a case of ‘therapeutic nihilism’. This is the belief that it is pointless trying to help an individual with Alzheimer’s and consequently individuals are not encouraged to visit their GP.

Although currently there is no cure, treatment can make a real difference to someone’s life but only if doctors get to see the patient.

For more information on the early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s please explore this site.


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